About Irving J. Pflug, Ph. D.

Present Position:  

Emeritus Professor of Food Science and Nutrition.
Operator, Ponderosa Farm


Member, since 1967, of faculties of the University of Minnesota:Department of Food Science and Nutrition and the School of Public Health.  
Member of the faculties of the University of Massachusetts and Michigan State University.


Research, education and consulting in the application of engineering to biological systems, for more than 50 years. He has published widely in the engineering and microbiological applications area in the food and pharmaceutical industries and has worked in a consulting capacity for many companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. From 1967 to 2000 in Minneapolis, MN, he was responsible for the research program of the Environmental Sterilization Laboratory, at the University of Minnesota.  From 2000 to date, he has been involved in the private Environmental Sterilization Laboratories. Professor Pflug has served as a consultant to the NASA-AIBS Planetary Quarantine Advisory Panel, a member of the United States Pharmacopoeia (19) Advisory Panel on Biological Indicators, and on other governmental and industrial advisory bodies.


Civil Engineering, ASTP Certification - 1942 - Ohio State University
B.S. degree in Agriculture -  1946 - Purdue University
B.S. degree in Engineering - 1948 - Purdue University
M. S. - 1950 and Ph. D. - 1953 - University of Massachusetts.

Professional Organizations: 

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
American Society for Microbiology 
Institute of Food Technologists
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering 
Parenteral Drug Association
Sigma XI
The International Association of Food Protection
The Society for Applied Bacteriology